Prilep boulder expedition

Luka Tambańća brings us photos and impressions from the recent boulder expedition in Prilep area. If you are in search of adventure near by, maybe this article, along with the gallery, will convince you to pack your chrashpad and head east, to the heart of Macedonia.

Ever since Slovenians discovered boulders in Prilep I wanted to go there and see "European Bishop" myself. A Slovenian climber saw a photo of a plain boulder online and somehow managed to find out it was taken in Prilep. The next step was Google Earth, where he discovered plenty more...

Last fall a couple of us from Croatia joined them on their quest for new boulders, we were not disappointed. On previous visits, Slovenians managed to clean some 200 problems but there are still thousands of virgin boulders scattered everywhere just waiting to be climbed. The rock is sharp, really sharp and requires lots of tactics for climbing harder problems. Prilep is a town of 60.000 in the heart of Macedonia. It seems that the time stopped 20 years ago and allows you to experience the Balkans as it used to be. The locals are extremely nice and the food is great. I can't wait to go back!

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