Luka Tambača brings us photos and impressions from the recent boulder expedition in Prilep area. If you are in search of adventure near by, maybe this article, along with the gallery, will convince you to pack your chrashpad and head east, to the heart of Macedonia.

Kavkaz12, pur newest documentary, had its premiere a few days ago, and was warmly accepted by the audience. Now, we are dusting off yet another project, Kilimanjaro-Africa 2010, or rather, its documentary version, which is now available online, for all those who haven't had a chance to see it.

The humanitarian campaign for the Orphanage “Ivana Brlić Mažuranić” in Lovran has been organized within the Kavkaz12 project. The action was successfully completed upon delivering the gifts to the children. The wishlist was made according to the children’s rather modest needs.

Humanitarni koncert

A humanitarian concert of acoustic music was organized in club Palach in Rijeka.

All earnings from the ticket sale have been used to purchase computers for the shelter "Ruže sv. Franje" in Rijeka.


TLI team members decided to undertake an unusual adventure – bungee jump off the 220 meter high Verzasca dam in Switzerland.

This location has been shown in the opening scene of the James Bond 007 movie Golden Eye, and is currently the highest bungee jump in the world that is open to public.

A short film of the event has been produced. (Verzasca, Switzerland, October 2011)

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