Kavkaz12 (Caucasus12) is an alpine expedition with the main goal to reach the Europe's highest point, located in the great Caucasus massif. A team of seven young enthusiasts will try to summit Mt. Elbrus, one of the “Seven Summits”. The expedition will be taking place from 17th to 31st of July 2012.

A direct route will be taken towards the east summit (5621 m) which gives uniqueness to the expedition. After conquering the eastern peak, the expedition will descend to the saddle and then climb directly to the highest summit and the crater (5642 m). This kind of route is often referred to as “Direttissima”.

Organizational challenges of the project are related mainly to the Russian policy concerning permits for both entry and movement within the Caucasus region. On the other hand, harsh climate and high altitude bring environmental stress to the human body.




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