The end has a beginning

Taking a trip around the world without finding the end of it, doesn’t really qualify as a full circle, doesn’t it? But where exactly is this, so commonly mentioned, “end of the world”? In order to pinpoint the end, we should agree on the beginning. For us, the beginning is our hometown, Rijeka, Croatia. And the farthest possible land from Rijeka is a small island in the Pacific, Chatham Island. From that point, wherever we go, we are returning home. And with this idea, our new project is born.

The project

The End of the World project will take us to the most remote islands and hidden treasures of the planet, as well as all those on the way to there. Immersing in the sea of outdoor sports available all over the planet is our constant endeavor, and we will definitely have the biggest playground so far. To manage all this, we will need to focus not only on sport and exploration, but also on living, working and transport. The expected duration of the project is 10-20 months, through more than 15 countries.


We haven’t got a strict plan to hold on to. The road to the End isn’t straightforward, neither is the way back. We might alter everything during this travel, most likely, ourselves. Reaching the End is not merely a trip through space and time. This is the biggest project we had in time and mileage, and the most unpredictable one. We have a rough 20000 km one way distance, pretty much as far as it gets, at least on this planet. We hope this will make it the most adventurous and interesting.

Who are we


We are Kristina Ribarić, president of one of the most successful volunteering associations in Croatia – Kocka youth association, Vladimir Šoić, president of sport climbing club RiRockClimbing, Vedran Vukić, trail runner and free diver, and myself, Vitomir Maričić, founder of the group. We develop projects which combine travel lust with our need to move through natural environment doing extreme sports and exploring the planet, documenting our experience and motivating others to follow their dreams.

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